Describing materials in a Circuitdata JSON

If there had been an official list of materials used in printed circuit boards life would be easier. There aren’t, and there are no uniform way of describing them either. As a result, we have to make sure that the way we describe materials are as easy to understand as possible. Usually, when sending documents to describe a board or a stackup, we usually just name materials, sometimes including the name of the manufacturer of it. Examples are “FR4” or “370HR”. Although is serves the basic purpose, we miss out on a lot of opportunities to describe our actual need. As a result, CircuitData combines the best of two worlds and allow materials to be described both by name and by its specifications.

Whenever a material is needed, such as a dielectric, you can simply add it by name:

"dielectric": [
              "name": "FR-4 High Tg“

But that is not enough. In the “custom” and “materials” section, you’ll have to put a similar tag under “dielectrics” list:

    "custom": {
      "materials": {
        "printed_circuits_fabrication_data": {
          "dielectrics": [
              "name": "FR-4 High Tg“,
              "ul": true,
              “tg_min”: 150


This way, it is possible to describe materials as generic or specific as you need.

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