Potential Final finishes

I have looked through the list of final finishes and made som corrections - ending up with this:

The material/method/surface to be used in the finish.

Possible values are (string):

"c_bare_copper" (AABUS)

"isn" (IPC-4554 Immersion Tin)

"iag" (IPC-4553 Immersion Silver)

"enig" (IPC-4552 Immersion Gold)

“enepig” (IPC-4556 ENEPIG)

“dig” (Direct Immersion Gold)

"osp" (J-STD-003 Organic Solderability Preservative)

"ht_osp" (J-STD-003 High Temperature OSP)

"g" (ASTM-B-488 Gold for edge printed board connectors and areas not to be soldered)

"GS" (J-STD-003 Gold Electroplate on areas to be soldered)

"t_fused" (J-STD-003 Electrodeposited Tin-Lead (fused))

"tlu_unfused" (J-STD-003 Electrodeposited Tin-Lead Unfused)

"dig" (J-STD-003 Direct Immersion Gold (Solderable Surface))

"gwb-1_ultrasonic" (ASTM-B-488 Gold Electroplate for areas to be wire bonded (ultrasonic))

"gwb-2-thermosonic" (ASTM-B-488 Gold Electroplate for areas to be wire bonded (thermosonic))

"s_hasl" (J-STD-003_J-STD-006 Solder Coating over Bare Copper (HASL))

"b1_lfhasl" (J-STD-003_J-STD-006 Lead-Free Solder Coating over Bare Copper (Lead-Free HASL, Lead free HASL))

"none" (No final finish should be used)


Please comment if you need other finishes. We need a commonly used code, a reference to a commonly used standard and "name" - example:

Code: "enig" 

Standard: IPC-4552

Name: Immersion Gold

We have so far tried to follow IPC-6012D table 3-3. 

If no further comments, the above will be updated to Github.


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  • I've updated this and it will be released into the standard during the day. The "dig" option appears two times, so I let the original one stay.

  • We need to add a new finish called EPIG - Electroless Palladium, Immersion Gold

    A typical supplier for this is:


    Typical thickness: 0.1 – 0.2 µm Pd / 0.1 – 0.2 µm Au

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