Conflict resolution

We have today the following file conflict resolution in CD:


  • order
  • oem_specification_sheet
  • assembly_specification_sheet
  • drawing
  • ipc2581
  • odb
  • gerber

For each file we decide the priority ranking from 1 as top and down to 7. 

I had a discussion with Andreas Lydersen on this item, and agreed to explain in the forum why I think this is not correct for those file types listed.

First of all, we already have the conflict rule in IPC that says Purchase order has first priority.  So anything that is written in the Purchase Order in text or as file attachments will have precedence. My suggestion is therefore to remove the Purchase Order from this list and focus on files and documents that may describe the same thing differently.

Secondly, I would like to group the files in:

1) Drawings

2) Production files

The first one is typically Master drawing, Drill drawing or Customer Panel Drawing.

We see often that a customer panel drawing can have different measurements and tolerances than the Master drawing or Drill drawing. 

We should indicate priority between Master drawing, Drill Drawing and Panel Drawing

Secondly these drawings can be in conflict with the production files.

The production files is a separate group of files that should be give internal priority:

If the file package included Gerber, ODB++ and IPC-2581 files, then the customer should tell which of them have precedence if there is a conflict. If the supplier only have software to read one of the files, the documentation should state clearly that this is acceptable with out asking for permission to waiver two of the files. 

A typical example is, we receive Gerber and ODB++. Which of the files shall be used? Can we use Gerber only without asking for permission? This should be clearly stated.

Then, if we select Gerber and find a conflict with a drawing, which of these files have precedence? 

So, we can do it like this:

1) Range the precedence between ipc2581, ODB++ and Gerber

2) Range drawings: Master drawing, Drill Drawing, panel Drawing. 

2) Range precedence between three main elements:

- PCB Specification

- (IPC-2581/ODB++/Gerber) (after internal precedence)

- Drawings (after internal precedence)


To conclude this post, I request the forum to comment:

Which types of drawings do you normally see? I listed  Master Drawing, Drill Drawing and Panel Drawing. Any other standard drawings? (I have on purpose taken out assembly specification sheet as I have never seen it.)

Is this way of conflict resolution practical?

I hope to see a lot of comments. Please even comment "yes" this is good. If you don´t like it, please explain in a  few words.



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