Legend as a material?

While working with integration, I’ve bumped into something that I would like to discuss:

today, soldermask can list a material. This material will not define a specific color as this is to be set as an attribute on the layer itself. Legend will not list a material it will set a color in the same way. Question is:

should we rather set the color on the material, and start listing the material on Legend as well?

The pros are that it would be easy to get the basic information on a pcb from the material list, and that it would make the structure more coherent . E.g the material list would contain a “green LPISM” and a “white Legend”.

the con is that you would list the legend as a material even though it actually just holds a color.

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  • In the case where there are two or more colors (both for soldermask and for legend), it would then be necessary to list a material for each color -- even though the only difference is the color. I would prefer to keep color attached to the layer and separate from the material description.

  • I like te idea to have legend material like we do it with soldermask, but could we also have a material called standard material? 


    Standard Legend Material - color white

    Sun Chemicals type xxx  Color White 

  • OK Bruce  and Jan  , I guess the way forward is then to keep the colour on the layer but add legend as a potential material. I can make a push request for this if you agree?

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