Consider adding Verified and Additional to Material in CircuitDataLanguage

In the Material Database we have fields for additional (string to hold additional information not covered by the other fields or material attributes) and verified (boolean to indicate if the data has been verified by the owner or not). We should consider making these part of the schema. For now I have taken them out of the cdp extract from MaterialDb.

Further I notice that the schema is expecting integer from the ipc_slash_sheet attribute, but it is infact an array. Please elaborate.


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  • This also applies to ipc_standard, which I think should be included. Whether the source, which we also store, should be included can also be discussed.

  • I've added a pull-request for the board to approve of on this:

    The "additional" was present in the documentation but not in the schema. This is fixed in this request. The same thing goes for the "ipc_slash_sheet", which is also corrected. "ipc_standard" is added as an integer. The source I don't think should be added, as it will require maintenance over time.

  • Andreas Lydersen I agree the source for Material verification  -  data sheets - should not be added by us in CD.  It is much better to have material owner/manufacturer verification of correct data entered.  In such case they could also add a source link. It is then the owners responsibility to keep it updated.  

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