Massive update to documentation and schema

Today, we have pushed out a massive update of the documentation found on and also a big cleanup of the schema itself. There are no changes to the schema that should inflict on current use, but if you are a developer, please run some tests on your output against the schema to see how it goes.

The main purpose of this update is to lay the groundwork for future extensions. In the public gem (new version will be officially available in a few days when the testing is done) we have placed a lot of code for cross checking products against profiles and capabilities, and also quite a few tests that can be run against the schema to see that it is OK. All documentation is now automatically created directly from the schema, so any change in the schema would make the documentation correct without any further work. Having one place to maintain data is a huge advantage in the future.

The stackup part of the schema is far from done - so anyone who wants to contribute here are more than welcome. Generic products, Profiles in all three forms (defaults, restricted and enforced) and capabilities are all up to speed.

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