How do I describe / Table of contents

1. The process drill is not listed in Table of contents, but it is described as process, would it be good to be listed also ?

2. Routing - is that mentioned as parameter for drill ? Routing distance is a parameter used for cost calculation, I do not see this listed under drill or where can I find it ?

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  • Hi Vidar,

    For the first question: Is this in the howto-document?

    For routing, this is under the array description. It would be something like this:

    "array": {
      "breakaway_method": "routing"

    Should there also be an option for setting how much is to be routed? I guess this can be calculated by the size of the board?

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  • Vidar/Andreas,

    Holes are unfortunately not yet described sufficiently in the howto document. Holes are in the language described as a Process Function and so far that section has not been mentioned in the howto document.

    The same goes for routing and v-scoring. These are described under array as Andreas mention, but it should also have been listed in the howto document, and we should describe how to measure routing distance.

    The CD Board will review the complete howto document and discuss this in the next board meeting. The howto document can be updated without a pull request or a new revision of the language itself.

    Forum members: - please check the howto document and comment things you are missing or if you find errors.

    Here you find the howto document:

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