Perfect Array and Transplant board

When delivered in array we have some parameters we need to address:

1) X-out allowed in Array : Boolean

X-out allowed is true - not true is x-out not allowed.

X-out : Required in P and Optional in the rest.

This means that the factory can deliver arrays with defect boards within rules. When allowed there should be  a rule of how many boards can be defect and how many panels can have defect boards.

A typical rule is: Maximum 10% of the panels can have x-out units. Panels with x-out shall be packed in separate inner wrapping.

Others also restrict how many unit per panel can have x-out.


2) Transplant Unit allowed in Array: Boolean

Transplant Unit allowed is true - not true is not allowed.  - this can be Optional for all. (product, profile and capability)

 - this means the factory can replace a defect board with a good one in the array. This is quite common on complex and high cost products. 

We at Elmatica have made a general rule for this process with clear quality requirements. 



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  • This one will also be implemented on the version released today.:

    - x_outs_allowed (boolean)
    - x_outs_max_percentage_on_array (integer)
    - transplant_board_allowed (boolean)

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