Update on v1

Hi everybody!

Just a quick update on the progress of version 1 of CircuitData:

The Board have approved a major restructuring of how the whole codebase. Thanks to Bruce McKibben  and Athanasios Kallinis for participating in the ground work for this! Right now, all documentation, code and schemas are being rewritten to facilitate this change.

You can follow the progress of the code here: https://github.com/CircuitData/CircuitData-Language/tree/v1. When the work is done, the Board will go through it and replace the current version with this one.

The reason for the restructuring is to facilitate the future growth of CircuitData. Where the older approach gave a more birds eye perspective of the PCB, the new one really digs into the details. We believe it does this without loosing simplicity or overview.

One major change is that almost anything physical on the PCB now is described as a layer. In the traditional way of describing a stack-up, a layer is conductive with a dielectric in between, but we have chosen to move in the direction of defining also the rest of it as layers. Examples of such layers are final finishes and legends. We believe it reflects how the PCB is built up, and makes production more ready for additive production methods.

Stay tuned - release is right around the corner.

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